Aquatic Invasive Species on Fish Hook

Currently, the MN DNR has not reported the presence of Curly-Leaf pondweed on Fish Hook, although it is known to exist on Portage Lake.   MN DNR does not list Fish Hook as an AIS infested lake, although Chinese Mystery snails are now located in the Fish Hook system.   Find the DNR map of infested waters HERE.

The native Narrow-Leaf Pondweeds present on Fish Hook are not invasive, and provide valuable cover for walleye, bluegills, perch and northern pike and food for waterfowl.  For more information, find the DNR page on Narrow-Leaf Pondweeds HERE.

The Fish Hook Lake & River Association financially supports boat inspection sites on the Fish Hook Lake and River, and AIS testing and control.  In 2024, we will spend an additional $7,000 above what the DNR has allocated to Fish Hook Lake and River public access points for watercraft inspections.  At a cost of $25 per hour, this will add 280 additional hours of time an inspector will be present, split between our two public access points.

Hubbard County provides a free decontamination site which we encourage you to use, especially when transporting a watercraft from an infected waterway.   More information is HERE.

Minnesota law requires water recreationists to:
Clean watercraft of all aquatic plants and prohibited invasive species.
Drain all water by removing drain plugs and keeping them out during transport.
Dispose of unwanted bait in the trash.
Dry docks, lifts, swim rafts and other equipment for at least 21 days before placing equipment into another water body.

Many of our lake and river residents are not currently members of our association.  We strongly encourage you to join our association by joining or renewing your membership.  Help to preserve your lakeshore property valuation.

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